Seoul Cultural Plaza-Competition Seoul



Client – Seoul Metropolitan Government

Location – the former National Tax Service Building Site, Partial Section of Sejong-daero, Taepyeong-ro 1, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Site Area- Design Development Area: Ground 1,088.2 ㎡, Underground 1,600.0 ㎡

Masterplan Area- Sejong-daero Underground 2,500.0㎡

Estimated Construction Cost- KRW VAT)

Duration of Design –  Approx. five(5) months after the design contract

The goal of Sejong-daeroCompetition was to link the site of the former National Tax Service Building to urban architectural heritage and the surroundings that contain various cultural activities. Developing a historic cultural place that harmonizes past, present, and future is the task of the project. The surrounding historical facilities such as Deoksugung, City Hall, and Hwangu-dan  have been the historical hubs of South Korea and create a symbolic cultural scenery. The site located between these facilities could be formed as a public space which inherits the historical atmosphere and reflects a public character of this place. The project will define the role of the site in connection with Sejong-daero district, both on the ground level and in the underground level. The site will be recognized as a linking space that operates as a platform that people can move continuously from ground to underground.