• Building code advisory services

  • Building code advisory services

Building Code Advisory Services

Interface to Interpret & Apply Building Codes & Municipal Byelaws

Since 1987, we have been advising clients on Master Plan, Government Development Policies, Building Codes & Municipal Byelaws issues. Over these years we have gathered a rich experience. With a long exposure to different building types (Commercial, Group Housing, Special Economic Zone, Hospitals, Plotted Development & Hotels) we have experienced a wide range of challenges/interpretations and provided solutions as subject matter experts..

rritam offers this experience to its clients either as Full Services or as Specific Individual Services as required.

Range of Services

For international design clients

Assistance in codes compliance with :

Development Control Norms

Fire safety norms

Other applicable government codes and norms

For domestic clients

Assistance in getting :

Project license

Review of government dues and statutory project approvals

Complete assistance on permissible Land use, Change in land use.