Company Background

Founded and directed by Mr. Rakesh Aggarwal in 1987, Rritam currently employs around 30 people with offices in Delhi and Haryana. We work with corporate, government and private clients in numerous countries to realize major civic, hotel, residential, office, commercial, healthcare, educational, and smart city developments. We carefully limit the commissions we take to ensure a high degree of professional attention and overall project quality. Rritam envisions itself as a proactive partner for its client, rather than a consultant. The office has a wide portfolio of international work and the attitude of involving external consultants to improve the design intelligence of a given project team.


Rritam is derived from Sanskrit. It means Truth. We continuously endeavour to pursue truth through our designs and creations.
Rritam Design is a multidisciplinary office that focuses on architecture and design, from large scale planning to furniture. Rich with multiple expertise, our office is fuelled by talented designers and experienced architects that jointly develop projects from early sketches to on-site supervision. All of which, regardless of scale, outlines an approach that is affirmatively social in its outcome, enthusiastic in its ambition and professional in its process. At the core of our architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at design issues through experienced eyes. Our approach aims at turning intense research and analysis of practical and theoretical matters into the driving forces of design. By continuously developing rigorous methods of analysis and execution, Rritam Design is able to combine innovative thinking and efficient production.



Ar. Rakesh Aggarwal, Founder

Rakesh Aggarwal is an expert in institution-building, real-estate planning and investment, valuation, zoning and land use. As an educationist, he has set up several institutes in the past decades. He is the President of Gateway Education, Sonipat and the Co-founder of Rishihood University.

He graduated from Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1985 and carries three decades of architectural experience. He is known for his technical skills, honesty and sincerity in professional dealings.


Ar. Vinod Rajput, Co-Founder

Ar. Vinod Rajput is partner and principal architect at the firm. He is responsible for providing executive leadership to the firm with a particular focus on the project development and execution. He has excelled in urban scale projects including Design and strategic planning, visioning and branding, coordination and integration between multi- disciplines.

Before getting associated with Rritam Design, he has been associated with international firms like HBA Architecture, Singapore and Aedas, Singapore. Ar. Rajput graduated in Architecture from Chandigarh College of Architecture, India and has done masters in Architecture from National University of Singapore, Singapore.


Ar. Bhavesh Aggarwal, Co-Founder

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Bhavesh Aggarwal graduated as an Architect from Sushant School of Art and Architecture. To pursue his prolific vocation forward he trained under renowned architectural firm ARCOP and worked on projects such as IIM Kashipur, IIT Indore etc. He has also worked with Kothari Associates, which is one of the largest architectural companies across India, pioneering in hospital design and institutional and residential projects.

Before getting associated with RRITAM, he worked with Ireo Developers and was part of their design management team for ultra premium luxury residences in Grand Hyatt Residences, Gurgaon. He considers it his good fortunate to have worked with design stalwarts like FOSTER+PARTNERS and TONICHI. With ample exposure in different verses of architecture, Bhavesh is constantly working towards the amalgamation of design and commerce in all that he does.

Our Team

Our Team


Mr. Sahil

(Managing Director)

neetu ji-Principle Achitect

Ar. Neetu

(Principle Achitect)


Ar. Mukesh


Kamlesh ji- HR

Mrs. Kamlesh


NAFE JI-Manager(Code Advisory)

Mr. Nafe

JI-Manager (Code Advisory)

Adarsh Ji

                                                         Adarsh Tiwari

(Assistant Architect)


Ar. Rajat Gupta


Rattan ji-Office Asst

Mr. Rattan

(Office Asst.)

Ajay-Office Asst

Mr. Ajay

(Office Asst.)